About the Artist

Meditative Art for the Soul

I think of myself as an “accidental artist,” as my art has really developed only within the past several years, beginning with the encouragement of my spiritual director while on silent retreat weekends.

My primary art form is called a mandala — a meditative art form within a circle, sometimes thought of as the circle of life. Creating mandalas is a way of engaging and expressing a different part of my being—less cognitive and word-driven and more intuitive and emotive. Some are very personal, expressing my deepest feelings and experiences. Others are pure relaxation and a creative outlet. Both creating them and viewing them can be meditative.

Gay won Second Prize for this piece at the Meadowood Juried Art Show, April 2017.

With roots in ancient Buddhist and Hindu practices, mandalas are also widely incorporated into Christian art. Many stained glass windows in churches incorporate mandalas.

Beginning with a compass, I draw the large outer circle. I often find myself staring at the circle for some time until I get a sense of what that particular mandala “wants to be” and what colors I am drawn to use. Rarely do I begin with a specific design in mind. Rather, the design emerges a step at a time. I am often as surprised as anyone by the finished product. I work with a combination of felt-tip pens, ink, sometimes gold or silver leaf, and graphite.

More recently I have begun incorporating more Zentangle® patterns into my mandalas (known as Zendalas) as well as creating other Zentangle® inspired art (not necessarily in a circle).

I hope you enjoy my art…as much as I enjoy making it!

Gay Brunt Miller
Gay Brunt Miller Designs